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Your Vehicle

Can I take my car abroad?

Yes, you can take your vehicle to Europe for up to 28 days without notifying us. If you wish to go abroad for a longer period, you’ll need our written permission to do so. In order to consider your request, we’ll ask you to confirm some information, such as where you are taking the vehicle to and where it will be kept overnight. Please make sure you check you have the correct documentation and equipment before you travel abroad.

Can I put a private/cherished plate on my vehicle?

Yes, you can. As you hold the V5 document for the vehicle you can go ahead and arrange this directly with DVLA, but you must tell us your new registration number once your request has been completed. Please be aware that if you decide to Voluntarily Terminate your agreement, the plate will need to be removed in good time for the vehicle to be collected. Please note it can take up to 8 weeks so you’ll need to start the process early.

What happens if my vehicle is involved in an accident or is declared a write-off?

You should notify us and contact your insurance company immediately to commence settlement or transfer to another vehicle.

 While these arrangements are being put in place, your monthly repayments must continue as normal.

Please note that if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, we will provide your Insurer with a settlement figure, but we

won’t negotiate your insurance settlement with them on your behalf. Your insurance company will pay us directly, but if

there is a shortfall, you will need to pay this. If there is a surplus, the insurance company will pay this to you.